Soap as eyebrow styler

Укладка бровей мылом в домашних условиях Eyebrows shaping

Beautiful and shaped eyebrows make the look more expressive. Therefore, women pay great attention to their care. Permanent make-up, correction, dyeing are salon services that require regular visits. But sometimes there is simply no time or money for it. An alternative to one of these procedures is styling your eyebrows with soap at home.

Soap for styling eyebrows – which one to choose?

Soap as eyebrow styler

Styling your brows with soap is a cheap and effective way to create a new style that will not only transform but also lift your spirits.

A simple soap, which every housewife has at hand, will help master this new method. Styling eyebrows with soap at home saves time and money. The main condition is that the soap must be hard, because when applied to eyebrows, it dries, creates volume and fixes the hairs in the right direction.

Various options:

  1. Hypoallergenic. If the skin is sensitive, then the choice of soap for styling eyebrows should be colorless and odorless.
  2. Baby soap. Is one of the suitable options, since created for the sensitive skin of babies.
  3. Glycerin. Recommended for use, because contains a low pH, will not dry out the skin or cause irritation. Another plus in its favor is transparency. When applied to the eyebrows, glycerin remains invisible, unlike other types of soaps.
  4. Moisturizing. It is also recommended, but you need to pay attention to the composition of the incoming moisturizing substances, so as not to cause an allergic reaction on the skin of the face.

In any of the listed options, you need to choose based on the individual characteristics of the skin. The soap can have a pleasant scent to add to the mood. Or with a healing effect (tar or sulfur) for those with problem skin.

How to style your eyebrows with soap – step by step instructions

Soap as eyebrow styler

This materials you will need for styling.

  • Eyebrow brush (can be used from old mascara);
  • Soap;
  • Cotton pads, tonic;
  • Tweezers;
  • Shadows, eyebrow pencil, if you need to add color.


You need to start by degreasing the surface. This requires:

  • take a cotton pad;
  • moisten in tonic or lotion;
  • treat the skin.

Then remove unwanted hairs with tweezers. Moisten the brush with water and run through the soap several times, avoiding foaming. You don’t need to brush too much to avoid clumping hairs.

For thick and stiff eyebrows

You should comb the hairs with a brush and create the shape you need. Then apply the soap evenly on the brows, spreading over the entire length.

To achieve a perfect bend, you need to press the hairs against the skin with a brush. In this way, they become obedient and even.

For thin eyebrows

It is necessary to comb the hairs with a brush in upward movements, as if fluffing the eyebrows. Then you should apply soap on the eyebrows in several layers, after allowing the previous one to dry.

With this application technique, the eyebrows are lamination with soap. The hairs grow, the eyebrow acquires the desired bend and volume.


To add depth to the brows, add color with a suitable shade of powder eyeshadow. Either with a pencil or eyebrow lipstick. To do this, you need to take a flat brush, shadow and apply color according to the given shape of the eyebrow, trying not to destroy it.

When applying soap, avoid contact with eyes. If necessary, rinse with water. This is probably the only drawback of this method.

Do you need additional resources?

The desire to become even more beautiful can be added to additional resources. The main thing is not to overdo it in applying soap to the eyebrows, otherwise it may crumble.

For dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer before using with soap. In the cold season, you can apply more oily and nourishing creams as a base for styling.

How long does the effect last?

Soap as eyebrow styler

Styling eyebrows with soap lasts perfectly throughout the day. Soap is a reliable fixer for even the toughest and most unruly hair. For additional fixation, in case of changes in weather conditions (rain, thunderstorm), you can apply eyebrow gel.

In general, styling your eyebrows with soap is a safe, reliable, and a cheap way to deal with unruly brows. This will create volume for fine and sparse hairs. There is no need to fall back on expensive solutions or salon procedures in form of lamination or permanent make up.

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