Long-term brow styling – pros and cons

Долговременная укладка бровей. О плюсах и минусах Eyebrows shaping

The beauty and grooming that modern women so strive depends on the accuracy of eyebrow shaping. Not many lucky women can boast of a naturally ideal eyebrow shape. Therefore, the beauty industry is constantly looking for new products and procedures for long-term styling of eyebrows. The pros and cons are discussed below.

Benefits of long-term styling of eyebrows

Long-term brow styling - pros and cons

Fashion for the shape and color of eyebrows changes almost every decade. Fashionable brow shape at the end of the 20th century, “surprised-raised” thinly plucked or shaved and drawn with a pencil eyebrows have become history today. The fair half wants to look natural today. In the trend, eyebrows are wide and thick.

Daily care gives women a lot of trouble. Styling unruly hair with gels or wax adds 30-40 minutes to your morning makeup. But eyebrows, fixed in the morning even by the most persistent means, quickly lose their shape from wind, rain and even steam from a kettle boiling in the kitchen.

According to most fashionistas, long-term styling will help solve all the problems with recalcitrant eyebrows at once.

Pros of long-term eyebrow styling:

  1. Fixing compounds do not give the feeling of glued hairs. The eyebrows look like the nature, has conjured over them.
  2. During the long-term styling procedure, the specialist corrects the shape and gives the eyebrows the desired shade.
  3. For a month during make-up it is enough to simply comb the hairs with a brush.
  4. Formulations for long-term styling contain only natural ingredients and it’s not harmful to health.

In the process, the structure of the hairs changes. They become soft and easily fit under the brush in the right direction.

Disadvantages of the procedure

Long-term brow styling - pros and cons

The main disadvantage of long-term styling of eyebrows is the presence of a large number of contraindications. They cannot be ignored in any way:

  1. Not recommended for adolescent girls and women over 55.
  2. It is prohibited in case of hormonal disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  3. The procedure is contraindicated for women who are allergic to long-term styling of the eyebrows.
  4. With damaged skin around the eyebrows.
  5. In case of viral infections, it is recommended to postpone the procedure until recovery.

Additional Cons of Long-Term Eyebrow Styling:

  1. The procedure makes the eyebrows voluminous only visually. It will not hide gaps and scars. On the contrary, it will highlight the defect.
  2. After long-term styling, the hairs fall out or become brittle.
  3. Side effects (redness, swelling, pimples) may appear.

Unpleasant sensations are possible in women with an acute reaction to unpleasant odors. The preparations applied to the eyebrows smell like hydrogen sulfide.

Is the procedure worth doing and who is it suitable for?

Long-term brow styling - pros and cons

How would you know if it’s worth doing long-term styling of your eyebrows? Is it possible to believe that after the first visit to the salon, the face will be exactly the same as in the numerous “photos after”? Will it not turn out that it will be possible to go out into the street only with a hat pulled down to the very eyes?

Nothing has yet been invented in the beauty industry that would ideally suit everyone, without exception. Of course, the amount (depending on the prestige of the salon and the qualifications of the specialist) is not so great. You can try. But is it necessary?

Women, whose eyebrows are naturally wide and thick, the hairs are hard, but grow erratically, long-term styling will definitely appeal to them. Eyebrows will become obedient, but not so much that you have to forget about makeup altogether. You still have to comb the hairs using the gel. This will take 5 minutes, instead of 30-40 minutes that were required before the procedure. If the direction of hair growth is the same, you can give the eyebrows a shape without long-term styling in the same 5 minutes.

If the hairs are weakened, thin, and there is a tendency to fall out, it is better to refuse the thought of the procedure – long-term styling of the eyebrows is contraindicated. The statements about the miraculous strengthening and healing effects of the drugs used during the procedure are nothing more than a publicity stunt. All nourishing, moisturizing, restorative products are applied for the sole purpose of reducing dryness and fragility of hairs that appear as a result of the use of emollients and fixatives.

It should be noted that women with weakened eyebrows can really like the result of visiting the salon. But the effect will not last long – no more than a week, at best – two.

It should be borne in mind that long-term styling technology has been developed recently. There are not so many highly qualified masters, especially in small towns. If the holding time of the softening and fixing compounds (depending on the thickness and stiffness of the hair shaft) is not calculated accurately, the result is unpredictable. In the worst case, you can even be left without eyebrows.

The consequences of unsuccessful long-term styling of the eyebrows cannot be corrected immediately. If the woman does not like the shape created by the beautician and the given direction of the hairs, it will take at least 1.5-2 months for the hair to be replaced. Only then can the procedure be repeated if desired.

The duration of the long-term styling effect depends on the care of the eyebrows after the procedure. Nourishing creams and oils can help reduce brittle hair. You should not get carried away with masks and creams with a peeling effect, as well as alcohol-based makeup removers. They will quickly destroy the fixing layer, and after 2-3 weeks the procedure will need to be repeated.

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