How long does long-term styling of eyebrows last?

Сколько держится долговременная укладка бровей Eyebrows shaping

Long-term styling will help tame unruly eyebrow hairs and turn thin into trendy “sable” hairs. It is suitable for people with naughty hairs growing in different directions, or who have them thin, but want fluffy ones. How long the long-term styling of the eyebrows lasts depends on the materials that the specialist uses.

What determines the duration of the effect?

How long does long-term styling of eyebrows last?

How long does long-term styling last? The result of the procedure lasts from 3 weeks to 2 months. As the hair grows, the effect slowly wears off. The procedure can be repeated soon.

There are a number of contraindications. You need to consult a specialist about them. Poor quality materials can do harm. This procedure takes place in several stages:

  1. Degreasing, combing hairs.
  2. Application of the first composition. It provides hair softness and manageability. They are covered with foil and left for a certain time.
  3. Application of the second composition. This is a neutralizer. With its help, the first is terminated.
  4. The third composition is argan, peach, castor oil. The oil consolidates the result.

How long the long-term styling of the eyebrows still lasts is also associated with the natural feature of each organism:

  1. Staining with a special color also affects the duration of the preservation of the result.
  2. The hormonal background can affect the preservation of the effect.
  3. A number of contraindications that can be neglected to obtain the desired result.

All these factors will negatively affect the result, and the time it will please.

Care after long-term styling – how to prolong the effect?

How long does long-term styling of eyebrows last?

Waking up in the morning, you no longer need to spend time drawing. But how long the eyebrow styling lasts depends on the care. The most important rules:

  1. On the first day, do not expose them to contact with water.
  2. Do not use cosmetics for eyebrow care.
  3. You shouldn’t touch them on the first day either.
  4. Starting from the second day, care to maintain the result is limited to combing the eyebrows with a brush.
  5. One of the factors is sleep. Sleeping with your face in a pillow is a bad idea to maintain the effect. If this does happen, take a little more time in the morning to comb the hairs in shape.

Solarium lovers should say goodbye to long-lasting effects. Ultraviolet rays destroy the composition on the eyebrows.

Reviews about how long the long-term styling of the eyebrows lasts are very different. A lot of factors could influence the result of this or that person:

  1. Fake specialists.
  2. Infection in the client’s body.
  3. Inflammatory process.
  4. Poor quality formulations.
  5. Failure to comply with the application technique.

How long the long-term styling of the eyebrows is enough is impossible to give a clear answer. For some, the effect lasts 2 months, while others say goodbye to well-groomed, shiny, beautiful eyebrows after three weeks.

How long does long-term styling of eyebrows with coloring last? The long-term styling procedure (or as it is also called – biofixation) involves staining. But there are certain nuances that the specialist now about. For instance:

  1. After biofixation, in no case should you dye your eyebrows with henna. The composition of the paint and the adhesive component have a detrimental effect on each other.
  2. Painting is meant with a special paint.
  3. After the application of biofixation compounds, the hairs become lighter. Naturally, the client wants to return the natural color. In this regard, the procedure ends with staining.
  4. Dyeing with henna can lead to hair loss.

The duration of the effect is influenced by many factors, including staining. Any unpleasant consequences can be prevented if it is accepted by a trained specialist. You should not carry out this procedure on your face at home. The result may not be justified. And it will be much more difficult to fix.

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