Eyebrow care rules after long-term styling

Ухаживать после долговременной укладки за бровями Eyebrows shaping

How to emphasize the expressiveness and depth of the eyes? Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows. A lot depends on the eyebrows. With the right correction, you can even change your age, make yourself younger or older. By focusing on the eyebrows, you can hide flaws. Therefore, there is a need to take care of the eyebrows after long-term styling.

Care after long-term styling for eyebrows

Eyebrow care rules after long-term styling

In order not to create the impression of hairs sticking out in different directions, it is recommended to fix them. For this, there are procedures such as lamination, long-term styling of eyebrows, and so on. Since there are many procedures providing such an effect now, they simply choose the optimal one and save time on makeup.

Hair during long-term styling (or as it is called bio fixation) is covered with a fixing solution. How to care for long-term styling of eyebrows and maintain the effect of this solution? Eyebrow care rules:

  1. Exclude hot steam and air (solarium, sauna, steam bath) on the first day.
  2. Do not wet the eyebrows and do not use cosmetics within 24 hours after the procedure.
  3. Use means of skin regeneration under the eyebrow hairs (oils and creams).

Why can’t I wet my eyebrows after long-term styling? Water on the first day after the procedure has a destructive effect on the composition of the product applied to the hairs.

Creams containing depanthenol are a great option. It is advisable to apply the cream after the procedure for several days with gentle strokes without effort. You can also use special conditioners. An experienced specialist in the salon will definitely tell you about the care after the long-term eyebrow styling procedure.

Oils are perfect:

  • almond;
  • castor;
  • cocoa;
  • burdock.

They have a long-lasting effect and nourish the hair with useful substances, restore its structure. Almond oil will relieve clumping and promote growth. Burdock nourishes hairs and leaves no shine. Castor oil will make hairs manageable and soft. Cocoa butter moisturizes well and stimulates the growth of new hairs. Sea buckthorn will prevent the hairs from thinning and falling out. Which of the oils to choose must be decided independently, taking into account the individual tolerance and the possible reaction of the body.

It is enough to repeat this procedure once a week. It is most convenient to apply oil with a special brush and, after half an hour, remove the residue with a cotton pad.

What should not be done after the procedure?

Eyebrow care rules after long-term styling

If you follow these recommendations, you can enjoy the effect of bio fixing eyebrows for up to two months. Should:

  1. Completely refrain from cleansing products such as peels and scrubs for 2 days after the procedure. With increased friction, the film covering the hairs can break. Subsequent care after long-term styling of the eyebrows will not work.
  2. Do not use decorative cosmetics in the area of the eyebrows for 3 days. If eye makeup was used, then wash it off only with a special tool so that the adhesive layer does not collapse. There should be no alcohol in the composition of such a product.
  3. How long should you not wet your eyebrows after long-term styling? They cannot be wetted on the first day, wash, and avoiding contact with eyebrows. Water destroys the adhesive that was applied during the procedure. Plus, if the eyebrows have been colored, the water will dull the color.
  4. The first 3 days it is better to give up sun tanning and tanning beds. Hot air or steam can destroy the molecules of the special adhesive applied to the hairs. This will significantly shorten the life of the biofixation.

It is worthwhile to be wary of the use of medicines. They can shorten the action of the retainer. If there is a need to regularly take any medications, you should consult with the specialist performing the procedure.

How to maintain long-term fixation of eyebrows longer?

Eyebrow care rules after long-term styling

Maintaining the effect of beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows for as long as possible is a natural desire. In order to do this, it is recommended to adhere to the rules of care after the long-term brow styling procedure described earlier. Additionally:

  1. Take seriously the rejection of decorative cosmetics and recommendations for washing on the first day after the procedure.
  2. Consult with a specialist about taking medications.
  3. It is advisable to carry out the procedure in the salon, and not at home. In this case, you can achieve the expected effect.
  4. Do not forget to use special products and gels for care after long-term styling of eyebrows, containing oils to nourish the hair.
  5. Adhere to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition to provide the body with oxygen and vitamins that affect hair growth and structure.

If you follow all the tips, you can keep the effect up to 2 months.

In any person, his individuality is important. The bio fixation procedure will help create the look of well-groomed eyebrows. Beautifully styled hairs will make your look more attractive.

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