Eyebrow permanent make-up correction


Correction of eyebrow permanent make-up is a forced cosmetic service that is not always carried out and has different manifestations of its conduct. The correction session is appointed by the specialist and has distinctive features that are important to know in order to prevent the formation of negative consequences or side effects.

Why is correction needed?

In different cosmetic centers, correction means visiting them with different motives and goals. Based on these goals, the client’s need for desired result is determined.

Eyebrow permanent make-up correction

You can find definitions of this concept that are used in different salons:

  1. Revisiting cosmetic center after the main appointment for examination by a specialist in eyebrow permanent make-up. Such visits are usually appointed one month after permanent make-up, they can reveal negative consequences, and the client can comment on the work of the beautician.
  2. Correction of work. If the resulting permanent make-up has flaws, an additional visit is scheduled to correct the defects. In this case, not all the disadvantages of the effect can be corrected, so first it is worth communicating with the specialist and discussing the correction.
  3. Permanent make-up is not always done in one session, because complex techniques are best done in several stages. This approach leads to a positive result, as a result of which, after the last addition of the picture, it is not necessary to correct it.

To avoid ambiguous situations associated with different definitions of the word correction, if necessary, immediately check with the specialist about the exact meaning of the concept.

Correction is usually used when the result of the permanent make-up is unsuccessful. Minor corrections of details will help complement the holistic stylistics applied by the specialist. Such adjustments helps to improve the quality of the effect, lighten or darken it, add hairs or change shape. However, not all the negative aspects of permanent eyebrow makeup are hidden.

Why you can’t everything be done in one session

If we talk about the correction, which is carried out with a multi-stage service in applying a pigmenting agent to the eyebrow, not all ladies understand exactly the need for a cosmetic procedure.

The specialist can do all the work in one visit by a woman to the salon, but this is not always advisable. The gradual introduction of the dye contributes to the uniform distribution of the color over the eyebrows, as well as the high quality of the service result.

If you do eyebrow PMU is done in several visits, the effect usually lasts longer, and the likelihood of negative consequences reflected in the form through the fault of a specialist decreases. If the specialist offers you to carry out permanent make-up in several stages, accept the offer, because this way the client turns out to carry out the technique more competently. However, such a case also has a minus – after each session, the complex undergoes a recovery period, during which it is necessary to take care of the damaged skin.

When to do a permanent make-up correction

The frequency and timing of the correction are appointed by the specialist. This indicator also depends on the type of correction being carried out, which appoints the specialist at the end of the main or first procedure at which the work was performed.

So, the timing of the appointment of the date for the second visit of the client to the salon is usually assigned within the standard framework:

  1. If we are talking about a standard session that is carried out after the rehabilitation period, the visit is scheduled one month after the eyebrow PMU. This period of time is skipped for complete healing of the epidermis before checking the result of the work.
  2. When scheduling a visit to complete a drawing, it is usually much faster. Complete healing of the epidermis is not required before this, therefore, frequent visits are scheduled two to maximum three weeks after the eyebrow permanent make-up.
  3. If the correction is intended to correct a defect in the effect, its time is determined by the client as soon as he discovers a side effect that is reflected in the quality of the cosmetic service provided in the salon. Also, a beautician can detect a flaw, then he offers work.

It is worth negotiating and strictly negotiating the timing of the provision of a second service, so as not to do it too sooner or later. This will help you achieve a good permanent makeup result at the end.

What can be corrected by correction?

Correction aimed at removing gaps in the executed style does not correct all negative manifestations. However, most of the negative aspects of the result are easily corrected by reusing the coloring pigment and tattoo equipment.

To find out if the deficiency is being corrected, check this parameter with a beautician. So you can be sure of the quality of work as a result


A frequent consequence of eyebrow permanent make-up is changes in the tones and shades of the work. This is due to the low quality of pigments and consumables that were used in cosmetology, or improper care during the rehabilitation of the skin.

If the lady has a slight inconsistency in tone in the plan: as a result, or a color is lighter than expected, she can correct the side effect. However, otherwise, if the gamma is darker, it will most likely fail to correct the result correctly. If you notice such a defect immediately after eyebrows PMU, wait a little, because after the skin heals, the tone usually becomes dull.

Coverage equability

If the coloring matter is not properly distributed or the crust is peeled off from the eyebrows prematurely during healing, the shade may become uneven.

Correcting the work is usually easy, because you just need to cover the eyebrows with an additional layer of dye. However, with the formation of strong color changes, there is a risk that the problem cannot be corrected. In this case, you will have to remove the eyebrow PMU if it looks sloppy.

Sometimes it happens that the result can be corrected after partial fading of the pigment. In this case, you can use decorative means to temporarily mask the result.

Shape change

Since permanent make-up is done on the eyebrows, the most important part is the contouring and architecture of the stylistics. When choosing a neat shape and the illiterate work of a specialist, the shape may deteriorate. That is reflected in a change in the bend of the eyebrow or other indicators of the clarity of the contour.

Usually it is possible to change the form for the better, but not always the final version suits the client. If the contour is blurred, you will have to make the drawing thicker for corrections, which is not suitable for all women.

How to take care of eyebrows after correction

Care after the correction is most important, because if you miss this moment, there is a possibility of negative consequences, as a result of which it is not always possible to correct the defect.

There is a certain order for this, which is assigned by the specialist:

  1. In the early days it is not recommended to wash your face, use decorative cosmetics and care products. Rubbing your face with a shared towel is also not worth it.
  2. Immediately start to smear eyebrows with antiseptic and healing ointment. At first, the frequency is low – every hour, including nighttime. After the formation of a crust on the hairs, this should be done four times a day.
  3. After the formation of the protective layer, you can start washing, but you cannot peel off the crust ahead of time, it must come off by itself.
  4. During the rehabilitation period, it is not recommended to visit places with high humidity and temperature, sunbathe.

Eyebrow permanent make-up correction

Such instructions are usually written out by a beautician, it is important to follow them so that the effect of eyebrow permanent make-up remains in good condition for a long time.

How often is eyebrow permanent make-up done?

You can re-fill the eyebrow with a coloring agent without restrictions, if necessary – when the pigment fade enough.

However, cosmetologists do not recommend carrying out cosmetic techniques too early, so the optimal time for PMU is a year or a year and a half. During this time, the previous version dulls, and the skin is again ready for the session.

However, with an earlier rendering of cosmetic services, the specialists will not refuse you, however, the client is mainly responsible for the quality of the result.


Correction of eyebrow permanent make-up is not difficult, its essence is carried out like the main visit. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of the master for the session, in which case the work is carried out with high quality and running of negative consequences.

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