Underarm waxing: different types of wax and instructions for home use

эпиляция подмышек восковыми полосками Waxing

One of the women’s issues, especially in the summer, is the removal of unwanted hair from the body, including the armpits area. Despite the existence of a variety of techniques and methods, many girls still prefer the razor. Underarm waxing is gaining popularity now, allowing you to maintain the effect of perfectly smooth skin for 3-4 weeks.

Underarm waxing

Pros and cons

Underarm waxing involves the use of a special cosmetic wax that, when applied, adheres tightly to the skin and captures the hairs when they are peeled off. Unwanted hairs is removed along with the bulbs, so the skin stays smooth longer than after a regular shave.

Armpit waxing is becoming more and more popular due to its benefits:

  • Safety. When using wax, only a thermal burn is possible, however, it is impossible to physically damage the skin;
  • Versatility. Suitable for removing any hair color and structure;
  • Long-term preservation of the result. Hair begins to grow back only after 2.5-3 weeks;
  • Lack of pain. Only cold depilation can bring discomfort, other techniques are practically painless.

In addition, underarm waxing has a cumulative effect. Over time, the hairs become lighter and softer, due to this they are being less noticeable during regrowth.

Before waxing your armpits, check out the disadvantages of the procedure:

  • Risk of getting a thermal burn when the wax is overheated;
  • Risk of allergy to wax;
  • Soreness of cold depilation.

The procedure does not require any special skill, so you can learn how to do it yourself.

Types of wax

For underarm waxing, different formulations can be used: hot, warm or cold. Despite the fact that they all provide the total removal of unwanted hair from the body, the methods of their application differ:

  1. Hot. First, the hard wax in granules is heated to a temperature of 50-60, and then it is distributed in a thin layer over the skin. Within 10-15 seconds, the sticky layer hardens, after which it can be carefully torn off with a single sheet together with the hairs.
  2. Warm. The wax is a ready-made viscous composition that needs to be heated a little in a microwave oven and applied in a thin layer to the skin. A paper strip is fixed on top of the sticky layer, carefully smoothed and abruptly torn off along with unwanted vegetation.
  3. Cold. The technique involves the use of ready-made wax strips, which only need to be heated between the palms and glued to the treated area.

Underarm waxing

It is quite difficult to remove hairs in the armpits on your own with warm or hot wax, therefore, most often in this area, ladies use the cold method. Despite being the most painful, wax strips are much more comfortable to work with.

Can you do it at home?

You can wax your armpits yourself, the main thing is to pay attention to all the nuances of the procedure, otherwise you can get a poor-quality result or irritation in the delicate zone.

Underarm waxing includes three main steps: skin preparation, waxing, armpit care after procedure.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before starting the procedure, you need to pay attention to skin preparation of the:

  • For a day, use a scrub to remove keratinized particles of the epithelium;
  • If the pain threshold is low, pre-apply a local anesthetic or take a pain reliever;
  • Take a hot shower or bath immediately before waxing your underarms;
  • Disinfect the skin with a proper solution;
  • Powder the work area with talcum powder.

You also need to prepare the wax first. To do this, you need to melt it in a water bath or in a wax melt (if you will perform hot waxing). When working with warm wax, you can heat it up in the microwave.

Correct wax application

If you are going to use the cold method to remove unwanted hair, you can glue the wax strips in any direction. It is also not important how the film wax is dispensed.

However, when choosing a hot or warm technique, wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth, and removed – vice versa. This is the only way to remove even the smallest hairs, preventing their ingrowth.

Step by step procedure

After preparing all the consumables and tools, you can start waxing the armpits:

  1. Use a spatula to scoop up a small amount of wax.
  2. Apply a thin layer of wax over the skin.
  3. When performing warm depilation, place a strip over the sticky wax and press it firmly.
  4. After 10-15 seconds, pull off the wax with a sharp movement of your hand.
  5. If there are hairs in the armpit area, repeat the manipulations 1-2 times.
  6. Single hairs can be removed with tweezers and olive oil.
  7. Disinfect the skin.
  8. Apply a soothing lotion after depilation.
  9. If there are sticky or hardened traces of wax on the skin, you can clean them with a cosmetic or vegetable oil.

Underarm waxing

Cold depilation is recommended according to the instructions on the packaging of the wax strips. Usually they just need to be rubbed between the palms to warm up the wax, and then secured on the armpits and pluck sharply.

The procedure usually takes up to 15 minutes, and the result lasts up to 3-4 weeks.

Armpit skin care after waxing

To maintain the effect of the procedure and prevent irritation of the sensitive skin, after waxing the armpits at home, it is important to provide them with care.

It begins immediately after the procedure – the skin is wiped with a soothing lotion or gel. However, additional recommendations are prescribed:

  • Within two days after the procedure, treat the skin with disinfectant twice a day;
  • One day after removing unwanted hair, use a natural scrub in the armpit area;
  • For two days after depilation, give up tanning;
  • For three days after using wax, avoid using scrubs, abrasives and loofahs.

If you have hot waxed your underarms and overheated it, you may experience thermal burns on your sensitive skin. To restore the delicate epidermis, apply Bepanten or Panthenol to the damaged area twice a day.

Underarm waxing

Also, in the first 2-3 days after waxing, there may be slight irritation on the skin in the form of redness, peeling or itching. With proper skin care, side effects gradually disappear.


Armpit waxing is quite simple, since the lady needs to perform 2-3 manipulations to completely remove unwanted hairs. But keep in mind that the increased sensitivity of the skin in this area often leads to irritation, which can be eliminated with proper care. This will keep your skin smooth and silky for 3-4 weeks.

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