Upper lip hair removal: reasons, types of procedures, removal at home

Эпиляция верхней губы Hair removal

Removing unwanted facial hair is usually divided into two working zones: eyebrows and upper lip. It is the removal of upper lip that raises a lot of questions, since it is safe to eliminate them at home, so that the effect is preserved for a long time is rather difficult. In fact, upper lip hair removal can be done in many ways, both in the salon and at home.

Upper lip hair removal

Causes of a woman moustache appearance

Female mustache hair removal is often performed with tweezers, since it is with them that the lady can quickly and safely clean the upper lip from unwanted hair.

Often, a light fluff appears above the upper lip of a lady from birth, which is not very noticeable if you do not look closely. Not everyone is confused by such fluff. However, sometimes the fluff becomes darker and begins to resemble a mustache, this is often found in brunettes. Then the question arises of how you can safely and effectively remove these hairs.

However, keep in mind that in addition to a genetic predisposition, there may be other reasons for the appearance of the mustache:

  • Problems with organ function and / or serious illness. The internal problems of the body are always reflected in the appearance of a woman, so you should not ignore such an indicator;
  • Side effect of taking hormonal drugs or antibiotics. Often, when taking strong medications, an increase in pigmentation is observed, which can also affect the face;
  • Heredity. Such feature of pigmentation of hairs above the upper lip can pass along the female line or from father to daughter.

Regardless of the cause of the hair growth, upper lip hair removal is a rather dangerous procedure, which is associated with the increased sensitivity of this area. Because of this, pay attention to the choice of how to handle it.

removal of the mustache on women

Types of procedures and difference

Unlike the removal of the mustache on men, women should not use the machine. This can cause the hairs to become darker and rougher, making them more visible as they grow back.

There are many options for hair removal above the upper lip, which involve removing unwanted hair from the face along with the follicles.

Laser hair removal

One of the most effective methods of total removal of upper lip hair, as it involves laser “burning” of the hair follicle, after which the hairs temporarily stop growing.

The procedure is carried out only in the salon or clinic. A special technology is used for it, which directs powerful beams of energy into the root system of the hairs, destroying melanin. This pigment is the main element responsible for the growth of hairs.

To obtain the final result, the woman will have to go through 5-6 sessions of laser hair removal at intervals of 1.5-2 month. However, the result is worth it – the hairs stop growing for 8-12 months.
Upper lip hair removal


The essence of the technique is similar to laser hair removal, however, instead of energy beams, beams of light are directed into the root system. They also break down the melanin and keratin in the hair follicles, causing hairs to stop growing.

For the complete destruction of the hair follicles, woman will have to attend 6-7 sessions.

Unlike the previous technique, photoepilation is somewhat painful. However, this is justified by its long-term result, since the result of smooth skin remains up to 3-4 years.

Elos hair removal

The modern technique combines laser and photoepilation, which is why it has much more contraindications. However, the technique is absolutely painless.

Due to the complex effect on the structure of the hair, it is completely destroyed, usually in 4-5 sessions. But the cost of such removal will be 2-3 times higher than with the use of previous technologies. Such a complete hair removal of the upper lip is quite costly.


A technique that uses sugar paste to remove unwanted hair from the body is more commonly known as sugaring. It is now being performed not only in the salon. Sugar paste is fairly easy to make at home, and it’s easy to apply.

Due to its stickiness, the paste that’s applied to the skin envelops the hairs, and, when it is torn off, pulls them out.

The sugaring effect usually lasts up to 2-3 weeks.


Unlike sugaring, waxing involves the use of a special cosmetic wax. It is applied to the skin, grabs the hairs and pulls them out when the wax is abruptly removed.

There are three types of waxing: hot, warm and cold (wax strips). Any type implies the total removal of the upper lip hair along with the hair follicles, due to which the effect lasts up to 2.5-3 weeks.

Woman can also perform waxing on her own. To do this, you need to buy the wax itself and a device for heating it – a wax melter.
Upper lip hair removal

Ways to remove mustache at home

Most often, at home, woman remove hair with tweezers. It takes up to 20 minutes, and hairs with roots are pulled out, which, it would seem, should have the same effect as with sugaring or waxing.

However, hairs do not always come off completely. Quite often, with careless use of tweezers, they break, which significantly worsens the result.

There are two other ways females can remove hair at home:

  1. Cold waxing. Usual wax strips are used for it, which are first heated between the palms, then fixed over the upper lip and torn off with a sharp movement. Wax captures everything, even the finest and most inconspicuous hairs.
  2. Depilatory cream. The method is often used because it does not require any skill and allows you to quickly remove unnecessary hairs from the face.

Many ladies, instead of completely eliminating the upper lips hair, prefer to lighten them. You can use special formulations or ordinary hydrogen peroxide for this. After that, the hairs become light and resemble an ordinary fluff, which is almost invisible.

The main thing when performing any hair removal of upper lip is to disinfect the sensitive area before and after work.

Skin care after the procedure

The upper lip is a zone of increased sensitivity, which is why, after hair removal of the upper lip, irritation may appear on it in the form of redness, peeling or even small pimples.

To avoid tissue irritation, follow these guidelines for its care:

  • Immediately after the procedure, treat the skin with disinfectant and apply a soothing lotion;
  • For three days after hair removal, stop using scrubs, abrasive compounds, loofahs and brushes;
  • For a day, refuse to use the bath, sauna and pool;
  • Do not apply any make up within 10-12 hours after removing upper lip hair;
  • After three days, use a scrub to make the skin smooth and silky.

If irritation has already appeared on the skin, it is recommended to additionally use a soothing lotion twice a day, as well as apply folk recipes to eliminate inflammation (herbal compresses, oil lotions, etc.).

Be careful – sometimes irritation is caused by an allergic reaction to the components of the composition for hair removal. For example, if you waxed to remove the upper lip hair, you may be allergic to the wax itself.


There are many ways to remove ladies mustache – both salon and home. Despite the increased sensitivity of the zone, you can always quickly and painlessly clean it of unwanted hair growth. However, when performing removal at home, be careful – there is always a risk of irritation, which is not always easy to remove.

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