What is the danger of deep bikini laser hair removal?

Чем опасна лазерная эпиляция глубокого бикини Laser hair removal

To maintain the skin in the most intimate areas beautiful, smooth and silky, you need to choose the right technology. Recently, it has become a popular technique in which a laser beam is used. There are many benefits to this therapy. But first, you should familiarize yourself with the danger of laser hair removal of a deep bikini. A body care professional, dermatologist or gynecologist can advise on this.

Is bikini laser hair removal harmful?

Is bikini laser hair removal harmful?

Whether bikini laser hair removal is harmful is a moot point. The technique itself is a way to radically eliminate unwanted hair. The hairs will break down from the inside in the same way as the follicles. They are negatively affected by special radiation. Complete elimination of the hairline can be achieved in several sessions. In general, the procedure has many advantages by which you can understand whether there is any harm from laser hair removal on a bikini.


  1. Pain sensations are excluded. During the work of the specialist, the patient cannot have even the slightest discomfort. However, on the first visit for the laser, you may feel a slight tingling sensation. It can be prevented. The skin is preliminarily treated with agents that have an anesthetic effect.
  2. There is no need to anesthetize the skin if there is no pain.
  3. Prompt achievement of the result. At first, about 50% of the hair can be removed.
  4. Security. The epidermis is not injured.
  5. Efficiency. If you complete the full course, the intimate area it will remain smooth for a long time.
  6. Harm from laser hair removal of bikini is excluded because the hairs are destroyed very quickly. The beam is not captured by the surface layer of the dermis.
  7. After finishing work, there will be no scars, wounds, small cuts, such as from a razor.
  8. Ingrowns will not appear.
  9. Removal of hair is done even by women with sensitive skin.
  10. Hypoallergenic.

Judging by these qualities, only positive conclusions can be drawn.


What is the danger of deep bikini laser hair removal?

On the way to a smooth, beautiful skin, do not forget that laser hair removal on a bikini is harmful at some points. It is highly undesirable to perform it in the following situations:

  1. Infection, cold & flu.
  2. Allergic reaction. If the body has a tendency to allergies, then it is not worth experimenting.
  3. Varicose veins, regardless of the stage of development.
  4. Eczema with psoriasis. Impact on such lesions will provoke their active proliferation.
  5. Diabetes mellitus, regardless of the stage of development. If such a diagnosis is made, then the consequences of laser hair removal on a bikini can be serious. Diabetes disrupts not only hormonal levels, but also blood clotting, worsens the skin.
  6. The period of pregnancy, lactation. There have been many studies, but none of them have proven that there can be harm to the baby. Experts have a lot of controversy on this score. Therefore, you will have to decide on your own whether to agree to the procedure or not.

In any of the options presented, it is harmful to do laser hair removal in the bikini area. A normal, self-respecting beautician will never violate technology. It is dangerous to health.

Laser types and possible side effects

What is the danger of deep bikini laser hair removal?

To determine the degree of danger of this type of hair removal, it is worth studying the technology in detail. It is performed on modern innovative equipment. Depending on its configuration, power and purpose, the effect obtained, as well as the consequences of laser hair removal in the bikini area, may differ. The following devices are available:

  1. Ruby. The simplest device. It was developed back in 1998. There are beauty centers that still use it today. The device is effective when working with dark hair. It will not catch red hair, since it has a low capacity for capturing melanin. As you know, in such hairs its minimum concentration.
  2. Alexandrite. They have been in use since 1999. The device has a number of advanced features. It is recognized as effective when removing dark hair that grows on light skin. Pre-cooling of the skin is not required. If the client has sensitive skin, then it is possible to use a cream with a mild anesthetic effect. They work in specialized cosmetology centers, with professional service.
  3. Diode. This is a modern model with high power. Excellent for working on tanned skin. Perfectly removes light hair. Unpleasant sensations during the procedure are excluded. From such a deep bikini laser hair removal, the consequences are almost impossible.
  4. Neodymium. The device is able to provide a powerful effect on the blood cells of the follicle. The point is not only in the destruction of melanin in the core. The beam blocks the nutrition of the bulbs. They are rarely used in salons. There are several applications.

Before heading to the salon, you should consult with specialists in the field of cosmetology. They should familiarize themselves with the technique as well as possible problems arising in the background of the application.

What are the consequences of laser exposure?

Laser hair removal in the bikini area is harmful because not everyone is familiar with the possible consequences in advance. They arise in those who have not taken into account the recommendations for contraindications. Among the possible and frequently occurring problems, the following are distinguished:

  1. Folliculitis. Its development is carried out due to the fact that the client has increased sweating. And also possible due to visiting the pool and public sauna.
  2. Burns of the skin of varying degrees.
  3. Hyperpigmentation. This is the case with those who have a strong tan.
  4. Allergic reaction. The skin rejects drugs with a cooling effect, as well as other dermal care products after the procedure is completed.
  5. Herpes. This harm from deep bikini laser hair removal is the most difficult to eliminate.
  6. Transformation of benign formations.

You should not risk your health or neglect hygiene standards.

What is safe laser hair removal?

What is the danger of deep bikini laser hair removal?

In order to never know what is dangerous about laser hair removal of a bikini, you need to discuss all the points in advance. Namely, it is advisable to correctly select a specialist. An experienced beautician who knows her business will not make a fatal mistake. Before signing up for the procedure, you need to pay attention to a number of facts:

  1. Customer feedback.
  2. Availability of diplomas, documents confirming the availability of qualifications, length of service, work experience.
  3. The danger of bikini laser hair removal will be greatly reduced by choosing a studio with a high rating.

Elementary, even the cost can show how much a status organization is. A valued employee working with high quality equipment is unlikely to offer a low, below market value.

Every normal cosmetologist can explain why laser hair removal of a deep bikini is dangerous. That is why you do not need to trust your body to the first master you come across. The consequences can be so serious that they will have to be dealt with in intensive care.

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