How to prepare your skin for armpit laser hair removal

Как подготовиться к лазерной эпиляции подмышек Laser hair removal

Both women and men want to remove excess hair from the armpit area for several years. How to prepare for underarm laser hair removal? This question is asked by many clients. The beauty of the skin and the effectiveness of the procedure depend on the precautions taken.

The essence of laser hair removal

Armpit laser hair removal, preparation begins 4-3 weeks before the prescribed procedure, makes it possible to forget about unwanted hair for 4-5 years.

How to prepare your skin for armpit laser hair removal

The device that produces laser waves affects only the hairs. The melanin they contain absorbs radiation, heats up and breaks down. Thanks to the correctly selected wavelength, it is possible to remove hair along with the follicle.

Preparation for laser hair removal of armpits by a cosmetologist begins with determining the phototype of skin and hair. Depending on the parameters identified, the specialist chooses the type of laser:

  • Ruby – for dark hairs on light skin, acts slowly;
  • Alexandrite – for dark hair, the effect is faster;
  • Diode – for dark and light hair;
  • Neodymium – removes any hair, including gray, from any skin.

Preparation for laser hair removal on armpits is important. If you follow all the rules, the procedure will be effective the first time. The device removes hairs in the growth stage. In the armpits, only 20% of the hairs are simultaneously in this stage. Therefore, the session must be repeated at least 4-6 times, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

At the same time, before each procedure, you must follow the rules for preparing laser hair removal for armpits.

Important preparation rules for the procedure

Competent cosmetologists prescribe a laser hair removal session only after a thorough examination of the client. Client needs to visit an endocrinologist, dermatologist and other doctors to confirm that there are no contraindications to the procedure. According to the rules, before preparing for laser hair removal of armpits, you need to provide the results to the beauty salon:

  • Biochemical and general blood tests, including HIV test
  • Skin scrapings for the absence of diseases.

Women are shown a consultation with a gynaecologist. For example, you cannot undergo laser hair removal during pregnancy. Chronic pathologies of the cardiovascular system or endocrine disorders are absolute contraindications to the use of a laser.

How to prepare your skin for armpit laser hair removal

Preparation a month,or a week before the session

Preparation for armpit laser hair removal begins in a month. It is forbidden to sunbathe, visit the solarium. Depilation and other hair removal methods that affect the follicles should not be carried out. If the hair is uncomfortable, you can use a shaving razor. You should be careful: the beautician will not perform the procedure if there are open wounds or foci of inflammation on the affected area.

It is also worth considering the following rules for preparing for laser hair removal of armpits:

  1. Avoid taking antibiotics and hormonal drugs 2 weeks before hair removal. Some cosmetologists recommend that you stop taking antidepressants and other medications.
  2. 2 weeks before the session, you need to give up bronzing lotions. It is impossible to use new cosmetics, an allergic reaction is not excluded.
  3. Scrubs, peels and other similar products should not be used a week before the procedure.

Proper preparation for laser hair removal is the key to effective results after a full course.

Rules on the day of laser hair removal

Many people are wondering how to prepare for armpit laser hair removal for the first time? Before going to the beautician, you need to take care of the choice of clothes. It is important that it is spacious and does not contain synthetic fibers. Cotton T-shirts, T-shirts, blouses will do. There should be no seams or decorative elements on the treatment area that cause irritation. You can take your clothes with you.

How to prepare your skin for armpit laser hair removal

Preparation for laser of armpits includes complete cleansing of cosmetics. Hygiene is preferred. It is better to take a shower without gels and lotions. In order not to cause discomfort during the session, it is better not to use a washcloth.

Can I use deodorant before laser hair removal? The answer is negative. There is no need to worry about hygiene, the beautician will treat the skin with professional cleansing compounds and an antiseptic.

How long should hairs be?

Hair length is essential for effective laser treatment. If there is little vegetation in the armpits and it grows slowly, you need to shave off the hairs 4-3 days before the procedure.

If the hair is dense and growing quickly, preparation for laser hair removal of the armpits includes processing the hairs with a machine 1-2 days before the session. You need to shave your armpits before each procedure with a beautician. The optimal hair length for laser hair removal is no more than 4 mm.

If you follow all the recommendations described, clients will be able to avoid the side effects of the procedure: irritation, inflammation of the hair follicles, an allergic reaction. A competently conducted consultation regarding preparation for laser epilation of armpits will help you to get beautiful smooth skin without flaws.

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