How long does it take for hair to fall out after laser hair removal?

Через сколько выпадают волосы после лазерной эпиляции Laser hair removal

Hair loss after laser hair removal does not occur immediately, and therefore you should not wait for super-smooth legs after the first procedure on the same day. Hair loss in the treated area will be gradual. Moreover, one procedure is clearly not enough to get rid of hair. It is worth remembering that no laser procedure will give guarantees of complete hair removal. But as for the laser, so far it is leading in the fight against unwanted hair.

How quickly does the body become smooth after the procedure, depending on the type of laser?

Laser hair removal is not like regular shaving or even sugaring and waxing. The thing is that hair does not fall out immediately after the procedure, more precisely after a flash. Why is this happening? It’s simple, the fact is that the laser destroys the follicle by acting on the melanin, which is in the hair structure. That is, essentially the hair remains in place. However, its “root” is killed. Therefore, hair will fall out over time. The skin begins to push out a hair that does not have a follicle and, in principle, it falls out during a shower, using a scrub or a hard washcloth.

How long does it take for hair to fall out after laser hair removal?

However, the smoothness of the legs will also depend on which laser is used in your clinic. There are two most common types of laser:

  • Alexandrite – such a device is considered quite outdated and not the safest due to the high probability of burns. The thing is that the Alexandrite laser sheds hair completely, which brings an unpleasant sensation to its client. Nevertheless, the effect can be felt after the first procedure.
  • Diode – this type of laser is considered safer. It affects only the follicle, destroying it. In this case, the hair itself remains in place for a while, falling out after 10-14 days. This hair removal is considered effective.

Therefore, be sure to come to the clinic, check with the cosmetologist what laser they use in their clinic, how it will affect your skin, and after how long the effect will be visible.

Also, after the first procedure, you can get rid of only 70% of the hair, all the rest will be removed in other sessions. Therefore, consult with your doctor how many procedures you may need to achieve complete smoothness. Usually it is up to 10 procedures, depending on the zone and some other factors.

Laser hair removal. How to prepare for the procedure?

Clients are interested in the question of whether it is possible to prepare for the procedure to increase the effect and get rid of more hair after the first time. There are several guidelines, but you shouldn’t expect to be able to do just one procedure. Laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of hair, but you should not expect a magical effect from it after the first time.

A few recommendations for preparation:

  • Initially, you should constantly take care of your skin, make scrubs and moisturize it. Scrubbing really slows down hair growth, and also gets rid of possible ingrown hairs.
  • It is not allowed to sunbathe a few weeks before the procedure both on the beach and in the solarium.
  • A couple of weeks before the session, you should completely switch to a razor. It is absolutely impossible to do epilation or depilation with hair pulling.
  • It is best not to use alcohol-based products the day before the session.
  • If you are taking antibiotics, you need to tell your cosmetologist. It is not recommended to take tetracycline antibiotics.

The chosen clinic will tell you the rest. Your doctor may recommend medications that contain melanin. This is for the best effect. Sometimes the hairs may not contain enough of this hormone, and in order for the effect to really take these drugs, it will take several days.

As it became clear, no complicated preparation is required. It is important not to forget about health. If there are any problems, then you should refrain from the laser procedure for a while.

For example, it is strictly forbidden to do laser hair removal if there are some skin diseases in the active phase. It is also better to avoid laser action on areas of the skin where there is damage (scratches, wounds, burns).

How does your hair behave after laser hair removal?

You will not see and should not see any special changes in the first minutes after epilation. The most important thing is to pay attention to the condition of your skin. There should be no severe redness similar to burns. If the condition of the skin causes excitement, it is best to consult a qualified doctor immediately. This hair removal is considered completely safe.

The effect will be different, depending on the zones and what kind of hair removal will be. Chances are, if this was the first session, then most of the hair will remain in place, which can cause excitement.

How long does it take for hair to fall out after laser hair removal?

The laser acts on the hair root. The main goal is the destruction of the follicle, as well as the coagulation of the vessels that feed the hair itself.

However, the hair remains in place. However, it is without power and after a while it will pop out and fall out by itself. It should take 2 to 14 days.

Important! It will take from 3 to 12 procedures (depending on the zone) to achieve the result and really smooth skin.

However, you can shave during the full course. It is not necessary to grow your hair before the procedure.

If after two weeks no changes have occurred, you should contact your doctor with a problem and report it. This is necessary in order for the doctor to prescribe either another scheme of sessions, or the necessary drugs. This does not always mean that laser hair removal is not suitable.

Conditions for skin care during the course

During the course of sessions, you will also have to adhere to some conditions. Firstly, not to harm your skin, and secondly, to achieve maximum effect. A specialist will tell you in detail how to care for your skin and most likely these will be the following recommendations:

  • After exposure to the laser, the skin must be treated with antiseptics and drugs. What exactly the doctor will say. Basically, these will be products containing panthenol.
  • Laser hair removal is a thermal effect. Therefore, the skin will have to be constantly moisturized with various creams.
  • Redness is possible after the session, so it is worth stocking up on cooling wipes and other means.
  • You can shave only when the doctor says, at first it may seem that the hair is growing vigorously. Not really, they are pushed to the surface.
  • After the procedure, it is better to avoid exposure to sunlight, as well as visiting baths, saunas, hot springs.
  • At first, it is better to avoid visiting massage parlors. The fact is that massage can cause blood flow and accelerated hair growth.

It is important to follow all the doctor’s recommendations. After the session, the skin becomes very sensitive, so if you do not follow all the recommendations, you can greatly harm the skin and not only get rid of the hair, but also provoke skin diseases.

What to do if hair does not fall out and if laser hair removal is not effective?

It all depends on where the hair removal was carried out and what kind of hair removal it was. For example, a deep bikini will require 4 to 10 procedures. Therefore, do not rush to draw conclusions after the first session.

If, after a long course, the hair does not want to leave your body, then you will have to seek the help of a doctor. Most likely you will need an endocrinologist. You need to get tested for hormones. It is possible that the excess of the concentration of hormones in the blood caused hirsutism. Then hormonal correction is required and laser hair removal alone will not help here.

No worries. Competent treatment and laser hair removal sessions will help get rid of hair, though not forever, but for a very long time.

As for general recommendations, you can slow down hair growth in the following ways:

  • Special medications to be taken orally. They are sold in pharmacies, but it is best not to take them without a doctor’s recommendation.
  • Scrubs and creams that slow down hair growth and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Reduce the frequency of shaving. If the hair has grown a little, do not rush to immediately grab the razor. The less you shave, the slower your hair grows.

Simple recommendations, as well as complex therapy will help keep the legs smooth for a long time. And laser hair removal will be a good helper.

How long does it take for hair to fall out after laser hair removal?

A few words about complications

Complications may include swelling in the treatment area, pain, redness. Such side effects may arise due to personal characteristics. Burns, wounds and trauma speaks of the master’s unprofessionalism. In this case, it is better to see a doctor immediately. As for redness and pain, it is enough to make an ice compress, treat with antiseptics and after a couple of days any side effects should go away.

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