Can I shave after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal
Can I shave after laser hair removal?

After performing laser hair removal, whether you can shave your hair and after how many days you can do it, is a controversial question. Cosmetologists do not have a definite answer, therefore this indicator is determined by the individual indicators of the female body. It also depends how much hair falls out after laser hair removal.

Skin care conditions

While undergoing laser hair removal, a technician supervises the client’s level of preparedness. You need to listen to recommendations to prevent negative consequences.

Before each appointment in cosmetic centre, four criteria must be observed:

  1. Do not remove hair by aggressive methods for a month. It is enough only to periodically use a regular razor so that the result of hair removal is short-lived.
  2. Do not sunbathe in a month. This leads to pigmentation of the skin, which impairs the durability of the cosmetic procedure.
  3. For three days, do not use cosmetics with aggressive ingredients that affect the smell.
  4. Remove hairs from the body with a razor the day before the visit. Shave carefully not to damage the skin.

Observing these parameters, the sensitive skin of a woman in any area will be prepared for the cosmetic procedure. Laser hair removal will also pass without side effects with the right choice of a specialist.

What not to do

Laser hair removal is a safe technique if you follow the recommendations of the specialist, since during the session skin is not damaged, the effect is only on the follicles.

Due to the gentle effect on the epidermis, it is not damaged, so it does not need time to recover. This leads to the absence of restrictions after laser hair removal, you can also shave. However, the only factor is that you don’t need to sunbathe two weeks before the next session. Before each visit, do not forget to follow the recommendations that prescribe when to shave and what techniques are important to shave at this time.

If restrictions is found for health reasons, you should stop performing laser hair removal, as this may result in consequences for the effect of performance or the health of the client.


Woman usually ask many questions, for example, is it possible to shave after laser hair removal. It is important to familiarize yourself with rules and regulations before the procedure in order to be ready to comply with the specified parameters.

After how long does hair fall out

Can I shave after laser hair removal?

The speed of obtaining the effect after laser hair removal largely depends on the personal characteristics of the woman to whom the cosmetic service is provided.

After the first session in the salon, usually some of the hairs deteriorate, changing their condition for the worse. This is due to a decrease in the amount of melanin in the structure of hair follicles. However, many hairs begin to fall out immediately after the first session.

If we talk about completely getting rid of hair growth, women will need to go through several sessions: from five to ten. Their exact amount is prescribed by the specialist, and it is approved during the complex.

Various factors that affect the speed of hair removal:

  1. The quality of the work (correct use of the equipment) and the quality of the device for laser hair removal.
  2. Roughness and density of hairs on a woman’s body.
  3. The quality of hair growth is an indicator of the amount of melanin they contain. With a large amount of it, it will take longer to complete the work for its complete destruction.
  4. Hair color. Light hairs do not always lend themselves to the laser quickly, so work with them lasts longer. The rules for how to shave are the same.

Can I shave after?

There are separate recommendations for removing hair from a selected area of the body for laser hair removal – you should listen to the advice of your specialist.

Usually, after the session, you can shave as soon as hairs appear, if this disturb the woman. It is important to shave according to the initial preparation for each session – the day before it is held in the cosmetic centre.

There are no separate instructions on how to shave correctly after the procedure, as long as the skin won’t get damaged. The only thing is that you should shave carefully and without aids – foams, lotions (just before visiting the salon).

How long hair does not grow after

After passing through the complex of laser hair removal, hair is usually not removed forever. It is absent on the body for up to a year, and then the hair follicles are restored.

During the year, the girl may not shave. Hair roots are weak enough and can be removed completely and permanently. To do this, you need to carry out a complex of laser hair removal two or three times. After passing them, the roots will completely weaken, they will not be able to recover.

Laser hair removal is usually carried out with intervals for a year. You should not take long breaks: as soon as there is a need to shave, it is worth contacting specialist to repeat the procedure. This way you can improve the efficiency of the technique, and then stop shaving without a time frame.

What to do if hair does not fall out after the procedure

Can I shave after laser hair removal?

After rendering a service in the salon, hair foliage does not always fall out instantly. During the first two visits, it can worsen the internal state, and then gradually disappear from the surface of the tissue.

If after the complex you did not see a worthy effect, you should contact a specialist, since the service was provided poorly. In this case, specialists must correct the situation by restoring the result.

The poor quality of equipment is usually affected by non-compliance with technologies in the salon: poor quality equipment or illiteracy of the specialist. However, the client’s failure to follow the recommendations can also become a motive for such side effect.

In any case, if you notice such case, you should check with the specialist if this is normal. So you can prevent the appearance of negative consequences after a complete complex.


Laser hair removal provides the release of the woman from the obligation of shaving in future. However, in order to get a good effect, it is worth following the instructions of a specialist during the passage of the complex. This will reduce the time spent in the beauty salon, which will lower the cost of the service.

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