Can I pluck my hair after laser hair removal?

Можно ли после лазерной эпиляции выщипывать волосы Laser hair removal

When clients come from laser hair removal sessions, after a while they see not very pleasant result – the hair begins to grow back again. Because of this, the skin looks unkempt and slovenly. Nobody wants to walk like that. Therefore, the main question that many people have after this procedure, is it possible to pluck hair after laser hair removal?

What should not be done simultaneously with a laser procedure and why?

Can I pluck my hair after laser hair removal?

A good mas, a professional in his field, is obliged to explain whether it is possible to pluck hair after laser hair removal. Not only explain, but also say what and how to do it right.

Why can’t you pluck your hair after laser hair removal? People’s temptations can be limitless. Therefore, you need to immediately warn them against health-hazardous consequences. The following explains the reasons for the ban.

You need to pay attention to the features of the laser itself. It only affects actively growing hair. And each of them is about one third of the total.

Anyone who has done laser hair removal knows that the intervals between sessions are designed so that during this time the hair that has not been exposed before has time to enter the active stage. And they do it non-synchronously and unevenly, because the hair can be at any stage for weeks.

Why can’t you pull out your hair after laser hair removal? Pulling out hairs that have begun to actively germinate even earlier than others will theoretically work. Only such an action does not destroy the hair once and for all, it is reborn again.

Probably, no one wants to overpay for the extension of the laser course. Therefore, you cannot pluck your hair after laser hair removal.

Anyone who does a laser hair removal procedure needs to know how to care for their skin after sessions. The following rules must be adhered to, which must not be violated when undergoing laser procedures:

  • moisturize the treated skin area;
  • protect the treated skin area from the sun;
  • refuse all scrubs and peels;
  • replace all alcohol-containing products (lotions, tonics) with others.

After the restoration of the treated areas of the dermis, you can see the hairs that are just germinating, as well as those that have not yet fallen out. As already noted, it is absolutely impossible to pull out hair after laser hair removal.

Also, experts mention that you should not resort to various depilatory creams. Because of this, the skin can suffer – it can become more sensitive due to the composition of the creams. So the likelihood of burns, pigmentation and other adverse reactions increases.

Is it possible to deviate from the doctor’s recommended schedule of breaks between hair removal? It turns out you can. However, the rules of procedure must not be forgotten. If the hair has not yet grown by the beginning of the planned session, it is better to extend the break by a couple of weeks. If the term of that same procedure has not yet come, and the hair has already grown actively, then on the contrary, it is recommended to make the “rest” less by several weeks. You need to evaluate the condition of the hair and its growth.

How to get rid of hair in between laser sessions?

Can I pluck my hair after laser hair removal?

The main question, why it is impossible to pluck hair after laser hair removal, the answer is given – no. But then, which method is acceptable between sessions? The next question is brewing, is it possible to shave off hair after laser hair removal?

Hair must be shaved before the laser hair removal procedure. Depending on the laser, the hair needs to be shaved differently – 2-3 days before the procedure, 12 hours, and so on. They talk about this in clinics. That is why the choice of a place for the procedure is extremely important.

For hair removal, the most ordinary razor is usually used, without affecting the hair follicles. That is, you cannot resort to the techniques of sugaring or electrolysis. The hairs themselves should be only a couple of millimetres long. The rules state that they must be in an active growth phase. To do this, it is not necessary to grow them for a long time. Only then will the laser impact be the most effective and high quality. It works according to this law – the longer the hair, the less laser energy will reach the hair follicle and in vain will be distributed along the entire length.

So the razor will become for clients of salons where laser hair removal is performed, the best option for removing body hair. Plucking your hair means throwing money down the drain. This is both uneconomical and impractical.

Pulling hair after laser hair removal will not hurt. But this will be detrimental to the client’s financial condition and the procedure itself. It is worth considering why pluck if you can shave it off. Are they necessary – unnecessary problems? That’s the whole secret – in the simple rules of the technique of hair removal and body care.

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