Armpit laser hair removal

Лазерная эпиляция подмышек Laser hair removal

Armpit laser hair removal is the most demanded procedure among women and men. Getting rid of unwanted hair for a long time, having beautiful, well-groomed skin is now a reality. The effectiveness of the method becomes clear if you understand the principle of the device. It is important to observe the precautions, the rules of the procedure, and learn how to properly care for the skin after the sessions.

How laser works

A special device that generates laser radiation. The rays pass through the layers of the epidermis, absorbing melanin, which is contained in the hair roots. They get very hot. Laser hair removal of the armpits leads to the fact that the vessels that feed the hair follicles are sealed. As a result, the hair naturally dies and falls out. There is no bad effect on the skin.

Armpit laser hair removal

The hairs are removed only in the active stage of growth, the “dormant” ones in the layers of the epithelium are not affected. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out several sessions of aesthetic cosmetology procedure with an interval of 4-6 weeks. After a full course, underarm laser hair removal will permanently eliminate the problem of unwanted hair.

Depending on the phototype of hairs and skin, different devices for laser hair removal for armpits are chosen:

  1. Ruby. Wavelength not more than 700 nm. Effective only for dark hair on fair skin. At low power, it is not able to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, up to the follicle. Causes burns at high power. Now it is practically not used.
  2. Alexandrite. Wave 755 nm. Suitable for dark hair. Able to act on hair follicles, due to the increased length of wave radiation.
  3. Diode. Wavelength 800 nm. Radiation is completely absorbed by melanin, therefore the effect is 100% on the hair of the active growth stage. Armpit laser hair removal with this device allows you to remove hair on dark and light skin.
  4. Neodymium. The devices generate wavelengths from 532 to 1064 nm. Removes unwanted hair regardless of skin color and phototype. Effective even for gray hair.

Depending on the wishes of the client and the individual characteristics of the body, the cosmetologist selects and adjusts the device.

Indications and contraindications

The main indication for laser hair removal of the armpit area is the client’s desire to get rid of excess hair. Irritability of the skin, allergic reactions from the formulations of sugaring pastes make laser treatment the only way to get smooth skin.

Armpit laser hair removal

Many people face the problem of ingrown hairs and the appearance of ugly black dots after shaving, depilation, in this case, laser hair removal will also help.

On the hairs in the armpits, particles of keratinized epidermis and sweat accumulate. It is more convenient to observe the hygiene of this area when there is no excess hair.

But before starting the course, you should understand the contraindications for laser hair removal of the armpit area:

  • Hypersensitivity of the skin in the treatment area;
  • Aggravation of an allergic reaction;
  • Open and closed foci of inflammation;
  • Fungal, bacterial, viral infections;
  • Dermatological problems;
  • Tendency to develop keloid scars;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Injury to the skin;
  • Multiple moles in the area of laser exposure;
  • Presence of malignant and benign neoplasms;
  • Taking antibiotics, hormonal and some other medications directly.

If you have an intense sunburn, you should refuse the procedure of laser hair removal of the armpits. The impact of waves will not be effective.

It is impossible to carry out laser epilation of armpits in the presence of cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, hematopoiesis disorders and endocrine problems.

During pregnancy and lactation, women should refuse laser hair removal. If the hormonal balance is disturbed, the body may react incorrectly to the effects of radiation.

For the same reason, it is worth abandoning laser hair removal for armpits and other areas for persons under 18-21 years of age, while they have an unstable hormonal background.

It is better for women to undergo the procedure 7-10 days after menstruation in order to exclude increased pain syndrome.

How to prepare for underarm laser hair removal

Photo of laser hair removal for armpits before and after proves the effectiveness of the procedure.

Armpit laser hair removal

But the result can be achieved only if the rules of preparation are followed. It starts 14 days before the scheduled date of the underarm laser hair removal procedure:

  1. It is forbidden to take antimicrobial, antiviral and hormonal drugs.
  2. Do not sunbathe in solariums or beaches.
  3. Do not use hair removal methods that remove hairs along with the follicle. 1-2 days before the scheduled session, you need to shave off the hairs with a razor.
  4. To exclude the treatment of the armpit area with alcohol-containing cosmetics.
  5. Do not use new hygiene products. The substances can cause an allergic reaction.

Do not use deodorants or antiperspirants immediately before laser epilation in the underarm area.

How is the procedure going?

First of all, before laser hair removal of the armpit area, the cosmetologist determines the phototype of the skin, examines and determines the sensitivity of the laser to the skin. Many cosmetology clinics use a special test that allows you to detect the reaction of the skin in the area of exposure to radiation.

Armpit laser hair removal

At this stage, the beautician adjusts the device, choosing the optimal wavelength, power and processing speed. Further, the armpit laser hair removal session takes place in 4 stages:

  1. The beautician cleans the skin in the affected area with professional products. If necessary, some clinics practice preliminary removal of vegetation with a machine: the optimal length of the treated hair is 4 mm.
  2. If the client has a high pain threshold 40 minutes before the procedure, apply anesthetic creams and gels. In some cases, the use of painkillers during laser epilation of the armpits is not required: modern devices include cooling systems that are activated between laser flashes.
  3. The client and the specialist wear special glasses to protect the retina from the laser.
  4. The cosmetologist uses a radiation source to treat the armpit area, moving the source gradually over the entire area of influence.

The procedure for laser hair removal of the armpit area takes no more than 20 minutes. When the treatment is done, antiseptic agents are applied to the skin to avoid infection. 40% of the hairs are removed immediately, the rest within 2 weeks. Further, the specialist appoints a second session.

How to take care of the skin after the procedure?

Armpit laser depilation is an effective and painless procedure. But in order for the skin to remain healthy and beautiful, you need to follow the rules for caring for it:

  1. Do not take baths or hot showers for the first days after armpit laser hair removal. Experts advise to completely exclude contact with the water of the epilated area for a day after the session.
  2. Do not use products containing alcohol during hygiene procedures. Coarse washcloths cannot be used.
  3. A visit to the sauna, bath, pool is excluded for 7-10 days.
  4. 5 days after the procedure, the skin should be treated with antiseptic and regenerating agents. Bepanten, Panthenol will do.
  5. Do not use deodorants for 3-5 days after a laser hair removal session on the armpits.
  6. Sunbathing is prohibited for 2-3 weeks.
  7. Do not use sugaring, depilation and other methods of hair removal other than a razor.
  8. Exercise and activities that may affect increased sweating are excluded.

If you neglect the precautions and rules of skin care after laser hair removal of the armpits, clients face complications of the procedure.

Armpit laser hair removal

Complications and measures to eliminate them

Negative consequences after visiting a beautician occur only in 10% of cases. More often complications appear due to the irresponsible attitude towards their own health of the clients themselves. Laser hair removal of the armpits should be carried out by a competent specialist in compliance with sanitary conditions. But in some situations, the following problems arise:

  • Allergic reactions to painkillers and treatments after laser hair removal of the underarm area;
  • Burns;
  • Inflammatory processes;
  • The appearance of pigmentation.

Customers may experience vision problems if they do not wear safety glasses. Armpit laser hair removal will take place without consequences, provided that the rules and precautions are followed. To avoid complications, you should contact only proven beauty salons. It is important to check the certificates and licenses of the institution, the diplomas of specialists admitted to the procedure.

Armpit laser hair removal

Armpit laser hair removal cannot permanently get rid of unwanted hair. However, for 5 years to forget about annoying hairs will help. The main thing is to know about contraindications and precautions of the procedure.

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