How to do hair removal at home?

Эпиляция в домашних условиях Hair removal

Most woman prefer to use a razor to remove unwanted hair from the body, it helps to get rid of it for only 2-3 days, after which you have to repeat the manipulations. In fact, home hair removal can now be done with different techniques, which imply not only effective ways, but also safe hair removal.

How to do hair removal at home?

Hair Removal Methods

You can do hair removal at home on your own in almost any area: on the legs, arms, armpits, abdomen or in the bikini area. The only place in which one cannot do without an assistant is the back, although it is rarely performed by a woman.

There are two main ways to remove hair:

  1. Complete. Such hair removal at home involves the removal of unwanted growth with hair follicles. This increases the long-term preservation of the result, since the root system is restored within 2.5-3 weeks, due to which the effect of smooth skin can last up to a month.
  2. Partial. The method involves the elimination of only a part of the hair that protrudes on the surface of the epidermis, while the root system remains intact. Because of this, the skin ceases to be smooth after 1-2 days.

Home hair removal is mostly done in partial way. This is due to the fact that it is sometimes safer and takes only 5-15 minutes, after which the woman can enjoy absolutely smooth skin on her body.

But if we talk about the effectiveness of partial removal, it loses significantly, since the result after it lasts 10-15 times less than after complete hair removal procedure.

Hair removal methods

Hair removal is a procedure that removes hairs along with the root. It doesn’t matter what technique the woman uses.

If we talk about salon methods of hair removal, one cannot fail to mention laser, electric and photo epilation. The techniques have a different degree and type of impact on the root, but they all contribute to the neutralization of melanin and keratin, which inhibits hair growth for a long period – from 1 to 6 years.

However, there are other methods of hair removal that can be done at home:

  • Waxing;
  • Honey hair removal;
  • Sugaring;
  • Epilator.

All methods allow you to remove unwanted hairs for 2-4 weeks, as they ensure their removal along with the bulbs.

Other ways to remove hair

Before removing unwanted hair at home, pay attention to all the techniques that you can use yourself.

In addition to shaving, partial methods of removing unwanted hair include the use of special hair removal creams. They are applied to the surface of the skin, and then within 10-15 minutes they completely corrode the hairs, promoting their separation from the base. Detached hairs are removed with a special spatula.

When it comes to removing facial hair, many woman use regular tweezers for this sensitive area. Although it removes hairs with roots, inaccurate use of the tool can cause hair breakage, which can cause blackheads or even ingrown hairs to appear on the skin.

Hair removal with epilator

One way to completely remove hairs is to pull them out with an epilator. The device is a small mechanical clipper that fits comfortably in the hand and gradually grabs and pulls out hairs with a roller nozzle.

There are two types of epilators:

  1. Disk. The attachment of disc epilators contains 10-12 pairs of discs located close to each other. The hairs, getting between the discs, are captured and scrolled by them, which leads to their tearing out.
  2. Tweezers. Instead of discs, the roller attachment contains small tweezers (from 10 to 20 pieces), which quickly and effectively pull out hairs without breaking them.

An epilator is a painful device, especially when you first use it. However, with regular use of the device, woman pain threshold rises, which is why the discomfort during hair removal is not felt so much.

The main advantage of the epilator is its versatility. It removes both soft and hard and dense hair equally effectively, making this procedure suitable for everyone.


Sugar hair removal, also called “Sugaring”, implies the use of a special paste based on sugar. You can even cook it yourself, so the method is often used at home.

The high stickiness of the paste, when applied to the skin, contributes to its tight adhesion to the hairs. It envelops them and pulls them out with a sharp peeling off the paste from the epidermis. With the correct implementation of the technique, it does not cause discomfort to a woman, but, on the contrary, resembles a light massage.

How to do hair removal at home

Sugaring pastes

Before hair removal at home, pay attention to the choice of sugar paste. The efficiency of manipulations, as well as safety for the skin, will depend on its quality.

As a standard, sugaring paste is divided into three types depending on its density:

  1. Dense. Removes thick and coarse hairs. Most often used for depilation of the bikini area.
  2. Medium density. Removes medium hairs. Used to remove hair in armpits and legs.
  3. Liquid. Has a more gentle effect, removing hairs from the hands and face.

If we talk about specific brands, pay attention to the following manufacturers:

  • MARIS;
  • Gloria;
  • OASIS;
  • Start Epil.

Before you do hair removal with sugar paste, it is not necessary to buy special professional formulas that are used in salons. For a home procedure, the paste can be prepared independently, the main thing is to observe all proportions and cooking time.

Sugaring technique

Sugaring begins, like any hair removal technique, with skin preparation – steaming, treatment with a disinfectant solution, sprinkling with talcum powder or baby powder.

Then a little bit of sugar paste is applied to the skin, without removing the spatula, it is distributed and abruptly torn off. When doing sugaring on your own, you need to do everything smoothly, but quickly. Do not smoothen the sticky layer for too long to prevent the formation of a “sticky”, which can only be removed with a strip.

Honey hair removal

The technique is similar to sugaring, however, as the name suggests, it uses a honey-based paste. The technique and features of the procedure are the same as for sugaring, but the honey base has a more gentle effect on the skin.

The honey paste does not have such a strong adhesion to the skin, which is why it is not suitable for treating the bikini area, which is associated with the hard hairs in this area.

In addition, irritation after honey epilation occurs much less than after sugaring. Note, however, that side effects cannot be avoided if you are allergic to honey.


Waxing involves the use of a special cosmetic wax, which is absolutely safe for the woman skin and is effective in combating unwanted hairs in any area.

There are three types of waxing: hot, warm and cold. The methods differ not only in the types of wax used, but also in the effectiveness of the procedure.

Waxing with hot wax

The most common technique, which is equally effective at ripping out both tough hairs in the bikini area and the softest ones above the upper lip.

For hot waxing, hard wax is used in granules, which is first melted at a temperature of 60 degrees to a homogeneous semi-liquid consistency, and then distributed in a thin layer over the skin. Upon contact with the epidermis for 15 seconds, the wax hardens and then breaks off as a single sheet along with the hairs.

The main disadvantage of the procedure is the risk of getting a thermal burn when the wax overheats. To avoid this, it is recommended to buy a wax melter that will heat the base to a comfortable temperature and will maintain it.

Waxing with warm wax

Warm wax initially has a fairly dense consistency, which must first be melted. For this, the base is heated in a microwave oven to a temperature of 50 degrees.

The wax is applied to woman skin, and a strip or paper bandage is fixed on top of it, carefully smoothing to the sticky layer. The strip comes off the skin abruptly along with wax and unwanted hair.

The technique is less effective in dealing with coarse hairs, but also safer.

Waxing with cold wax

Cold waxing is a technique for removing hair using wax strips sold at any beauty store.

The strips are rubbed between the palms and then firmly fixed on the skin. After abruptly peeling off the strips, the treated area remains smooth, but then a slight irritation may appear on it.

The strips contain a fairly thin layer of wax, which makes them suitable for removing soft and fine hairs. They are best used in the armpits and above the upper lip.

Hair removal at home


Shaving is just one home hair removal method that is ineffective and unsafe. There are many ways to remove hairs at home, the result of which lasts several times longer. In addition, by finding an alternative to a razor, you can achieve the effect of perfectly smooth skin and get rid of irritation.

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