Armpit epilation and depilation – all methods and features

Эпиляция подмышек Hair removal

In the summertime, the armpits become main depilation area for ladies, since they are always visible. Underarm hair removal is most often done with a regular razor, but besides it, there are many different methods for removing unwanted hair.

Armpit epilation and depilation

Why is armpit hair growing and should it be removed?

Our entire body is covered with hair. Somewhere the hairs are darker and tougher, somewhere – on the contrary. Sometimes hair growth on the body acts as a protective barrier (for example, eyebrows or nose hair), but armpits are not included.

It is really necessary to remove the hair from the armpits, there are 3 main reasons for this:

  1. Increased sweating. In addition, hair increase the risk of odor from perspiration.
  2. Aesthetics. The hair in the armpits of a woman looks sloppy and unfeminine. And when wearing lightweight clothing, they can create an ugly relief in this area.
  3. Irritation. When wearing synthetic or tight-fitting clothing, armpit hair can cause irritation due to increased friction.

Any man will confirm that a woman with smooth skin in the armpits looks sexy and feminine, so armpit hair removal is an important part of any woman’s hygiene.

Differences between depilation and epilation

Armpit hair removal can be superficial or complete. It depends on whether the woman removes only the part of the hair protruding above the skin, or completely pulls it out with the bulb. This is the difference between two different procedures – epilation and depilation.

Epilation involves the complete removal of hairs associated with the destruction or pulling out of the hair follicle. With depilation, only a part of the hair is removed, which is why it begins to grow back in 1-2 days.

Let’s consider the main methods of epilation of armpits.

Sugar hair removal – sugaring

Sugaring involves the use of a sugar-based paste, which you can even make yourself. The increased stickiness of the paste contributes to the enveloping of the hairs and their tearing along with the hair follicles.

The sugaring effect lasts up to 2-3 weeks, therefore, the procedure is performed as standard once every one and a half months, since the minimum hair length for sugar epilation is 4-5 mm.

Despite the fact that the method involves the total removal of hair, the technique practically does not cause pain and is absolutely safe.

Armpit epilation and depilation


The technique is similar to the previous one, however, instead of sugar paste, cosmetic wax is used here.

There are three types of waxing:

  1. Hot. The wax is preheated to a temperature of 60 degrees, and then, when applied to the skin, solidifies, forming a single film. Such film is easily peeled off along with unwanted hair, making the skin absolutely smooth.
  2. Warm. Ready wax of medium consistency is applied to the skin according to hair growth, then a cloth or paper strip is applied to it, it is carefully smoothed and abruptly torn off along with the hairs.
  3. Cold. The method involves the use of wax strips, which are rubbed between the palms and fixed on the skin. Due to the thin sticky layer on the strips, they are not always suitable for the armpit area.

Hot wax depilation works most effectively and conveniently in the armpits area. The lady can do it herself it will not bring severe pain. However, be careful not to overheat the wax, otherwise you may get a thermal burn.

The result of waxing lasts 3-4 weeks.

Armpit epilation and depilation


A salon procedure that helps to get rid of hairs in the armpit area forever.

This effect is achieved by mechanically removing each hair follicle. To do this, a special needle, which has a small electrical charge, penetrates into the bulb of each hair. After the defeat of the hair root, it is torn out with tweezers. This treatment is carried out in the entire area of the armpit.

For complete hair removal, woman will have to go through 3-5 sessions, which depends on the rigidity and pigmentation of the hair.

Laser hair removal

Less effective, but less painful procedure. It uses a special apparatus that sends beams of energy into the root system. They are aimed at breaking down melanin and keratin. These components provide hair growth.

Typically, the result of laser hair removal lasts up to five years, but after a year, single hairs may appear on the skin, so sometimes girls undergo additional sessions of the procedure every 7-8 months.

Armpit epilation and depilation


The method is similar to laser hair removal, however, the beams of light, not energy, directly affect root system. They act on the same building components of cells, without which hairs cannot regenerate.

Photoepilation also suppose the total removal of unwanted hair growth forever if done correctly.

Shaving with razor

The easiest and most ineffective way to remove unwanted armpit hair. Shaving helps to get rid of hair for only 1-2 days, after which it begins to grow back.

In addition, it is quite difficult to remove hairs from the armpits with a razor, which is associated with the curve of the zone. This increases the risk of physical skin damage.

Hair removal with special creams

Creams allow you to remove hairs for 5-15 days by removing not only the outer part of the hair, but also 1 mm of the base.

The cream is applied to the skin in the sensitive area with a fairly dense layer, and after 15 minutes it is removed with a spatula. The technique is absolutely painless, and there is no risk of any damage to the skin. The only thing is that it is important to pay attention to the choice of a cream to eliminate the risk of epidermal burns.

Which method is more effective and safer?

One of the most effective methods for armpits is hot waxing. It quickly and painlessly removes unnecessary hairs, eliminating the risk of physical damage to the skin.

If we talk about removing hair forever, it is worth choosing electrolysis. It is the electrical impulse that increases the likelihood of total getting rid of unnecessary hair in the sensitive area.

How often can armpits be epilated?

The frequency depends on the method you choose. In any case, even when using a razor, you cannot use it every day. This will only lead to thinning of the upper layer of the epidermis, which will lead to skin irritation.

When choosing sugar or wax hair removal as a way to get rid of unwanted hair, before performing the procedure, it is important to abandon any hair removal methods for 10-14 days in order to grow the minimum hair length – 3-5 mm.

Where is it better to do it – at home or in the salon?

The armpits are rather uncomfortable area for hair removal, which is associated with its sensitivity and curve. Because of this, it is better to remove unnecessary hair in the salon, so the beautician will bring the skin to a perfectly smooth state as safely and painlessly as possible.

When deciding to do the procedure at home, you can choose to epilate the armpits with an epilator as a way to remove hair. The device will help you quickly remove hairs, and the result of such a procedure will last up to 1.5-2 weeks.

Armpit epilation and depilation

Preparation for the procedure

Before any cosmetic procedure, it is important to prepare the skin in order to reduce the risk of irritation and increase the efficiency of the procedure.

Preparation recommendations depend on the chosen method, however, there are general tips:

  • Use natural scrub one day before procedure to remove keratinized epithelium;
  • Immediately before the procedure, remove the antiperspirant and steam the treated area;
  • Use a local anesthetic to avoid pain;
  • Treat the skin with an antiseptic before the procedure.

Post-procedure care

After hair removal, it is important to pay attention to the underarm area to avoid irritation or other skin problems.

You need to start skin care immediately after the procedure:

  1. Treat skin with a soothing lotion.
  2. Treat your skin with a disinfectant for two days after procedure.
  3. For three days, stop using scrubs, abrasive compounds, and washcloths.
  4. Stop using antiperspirant for 10-12 hours.
  5. For two days, refuse to visit the bath, sauna, swimming pool.
  6. After three days, use a scrub to increase the effectiveness of the procedure.


The armpits are rather difficult area to epilate, so it is recommended to use the most effective methods to remove hairs. This way you can avoid irritating your skin with frequent shaving and avoid damaging it with the sharp razor blade.

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